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Записи с темой: дженсен (список заголовков)

Хэллуин )))

Кое-что удалось узнать об этой фотке. Дженсен одет в килт. В костюме рестлера 80-х "Роуди" Родди Пайпера, который все время ходил в килте )))

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Про темного ангела

Now, all this I'm remembering off the top of my head. There may be things I've forgotten, so I'm going to need to go back through this thread and maybe some other fan boards to get it all. But, here's just a bit to get started :)

- Jennifer Blanc (who played Kendra, Max's roommate in S1) had a nose candy problem, which is why she was written out so suddenly. Her problems on set caused her to be sort of unofficially black listed for a few years. But she cleaned up her act, and I guess she's getting back into the acting thing now.

- The writers and producers had planned all along to kill Logan at the end of S1. He was supposed to have sacrificed himself for Max instead of Zack. Unfortunately, Michael Weatherly started banging Jessica Alba and used their relationship to force them to change it. If Logan had died as planned, he wouldn't have been resurrected in S2 like Zack eventually was.

- Speaking of the Weatherly/Alba relationship: it caused a lot of problems on set. They used to do things like hold up filming (which costs money) because they were fucking in a trailer.

- Alba was a brat. She used to throw hissy fits and lock herself in her trailer. Weatherly had to talk her out. One time, she flipped out and screamed at a hair person because she snagged a tangle while doing her hair.

- Alba was also a very vulnerable, troubled girl. James Cameron cast her about a year or so before the actual shooting began. In that time, while they were developing the rest of the show, he (and other people, I'm sure) really harped on her about her looks, insisting she start working out and lose some weight. So, she did. You can read interviews with him taking "credit" for Jessica being so hot. He would say shit like "When I found her, she was not the beauty you see now!" So he forcefully propelled her down the path to...

- Her eating disorder. In S2, her anorexia was so bad it required them to delay the start of filming of the S2 premier because she couldn't stop shaking.

- Michael Weatherly was a complete and total douchebag. He was seriously insecure about Jensen Ackles. He felt the fans liked Jensen and Alec more than him and Logan and Alec had more interesting things to do than Logan (and he wasn't really wrong there). He would count his lines in front of the whole cast and if Alec had more lines than Logan, he'd demand a rewrite. He also demanded a rewrite of a couple scenes, like pool scene in "Borrowed Time." Alec was supposed to win that one, but Weatherly pitched a bitch. Stuff like that.

- As a result, the writers were pissed off and slipped in little slams against Logan, like in "Fuhgedaboudit" when Logan was genuinely confused that Mia actually liked not being able to manipulate Dougie.

- Jensen Ackles was a sweetie. He always brought his A-game and earned himself the nickname "One Take Jensen." He tried to stay out of the behind the scenes bullshit as much as possible, although I imagine it must have been frustrating for him.

- Alec's last name is McDowell.

- Valerie Rae Miller was frustrated because Original Cindy didn't have shit to do all season. They kept promising to do something with her, but it just never worked out. There were (vague) plans for a real storyline for OC in the third season, but alas, that never came to pass.

- Nana Visitor (Renfro) claims that she and John Savage were written out of the show because they were trying to attract a younger audience, and so got rid of the older people. I don't know if I buy that, since Grandpa Weatherly was still there, and White wasn't all that much younger than Renfro.

- No matter why he was written out, Lydecker wasn't in the finale because Michael Weatherly fucked everything up. Weatherly wanted to run in a marathon, so filming had to accomodate his schedule. Thanks to Weatherly rearranging the filming schedule, it conflicted with John Savage's schedule, so we got no Lydecker in the finale.

- James Cameron fucked up the finale hardcore. And by "fucked up" I mean "reworked the sсript in such a suck ass way it really makes me question if he even watched the rest of the season." Just about everything was off about the characters' relationships, especially. It was as if the previous couple of episodes had never happened. It felt weird and disjointed. Also, the latex glove back touching and hand holding was creepy. No condom hands! (The hand holding thing at the end of the episode did, however, lead to one of my favorite fic. Status Quo by Baloo. The last line has me going "Hell yeah!") Also, Cameron scrapped a bunch of Alec scenes/lines, which is never, ever okay. Oh, and if I recall correctly, he also added that part (at Weatherly's behest) about Logan saving Alec during the big fight scene at the end. Fucking ridiculous.

- There were already a couple of treatments for Season 3 before it got cancelled. My favorite was the more developed one put forth by the show's regular creative team (the writers and producers). It had the Terminal City seige going on for a couple of episodes, ending with a big walk out. Basically, everyone was supposed to walk out unarmed and the army would have backed down rather than faced the PR nightmare of slaughtering hundreds of unarmed people. Logan would have become a transgenic blood junkie. He would have become obsessed with getting transfusions so he could keep walking. The virus would have been cured, but the transfusion thing, plus Max's increased daily involvement with TC (Logan never liked Max getting involved with other transgenics, even back at the very beginning in S1) would have broken Max and Logan up. Eventually, Max would have hooked up with Alec. The foundations of that relationship were already being slowly built up ever since "Hello Goodbye." Alec's emotional investment in Max was being built up long before that, even.

- The less developed rival treatment would have sucked balls. This was the one that was advocated by that goddamn deadbeat dad James Cameron, and Weatherly and Alba (who were trying to get themselves made into producers). Basically, it would have involved curing the virus and getting Max and Logan together. If I remember correctly, it also involved Alec leading a mutiny against Max. Both treatments included more about White's breeding cult and the Coming.



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Получается в конце 15 года продал 3 дома

5302 Avenue H, Austin, TX 78751
2906 Pearl St APT A, Austin, TX 78705
2606 Salado St APT 3001, Austin, TX 78705

Госсипы выдали информацию

Jared's primary place 3506 Sacred Moon Cove. He also owns Unit A 2906 Pearl St, 5302 Avenue H, 609 Franklin Blvd, 2608 Salado St and 2606 Salado St. He used to own 1901 Robinhood Trail but he sold it to his brother.

Jensen is 3959 Westlake Dr, the ranch and the one posted in this thread.

Не знаю как это можно проверить, но на всякий случай прошлась по всем адресам

3506 Sacred Moon Cove - постоянный дом Джареда, откуда куча фоток )))
2906 Pearl St APT A, Austin, TX 78705 - маленький

5302 Avenue H, Austin, TX 78751 - этот побольше ))


609 Franklin Blvd, Austin, TX, United States

2608 Salado St APT 3001, Austin, TX 78705 - многоквартирный дом


2606 Salado St APT 3001, Austin, TX 78705

Расположено прямо рядом с предыдущим адресом. Квартира такая же, пустая

Последние три адреса находятся в одном районе, в котором Джареда часто ловят в кафе и ресторанах.

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Новый дом Дженсена и Дани


Где живут Джаред и Дженсен?

Частные апартаменты
читать дальше
www.residencesatgeorgia.com/vancouver-penthouse... (выбрать F Plan -Video tour)

читать дальше

План дома

Hi y'all, since this board is obsessed with the whereabouts of the Js, I just thought I'd let you know I spotted Jared, Gen and Thomas yesterday at 2pm as they were walking over the Burrard Street bridge toward downtown (they turned down Hornby St toward the water so I think they must live somewhere there maybe...i don't know).


They have leased a 6-bed property in Shaughnessy

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Интересная история про яхту Дженсена

Почему всплыла информация о яхте, которую продал уже второй хозяин (Дженсен продал ее в сентябре 2014 года). В документе видно, что сначала яхта была названа Капитан и Даниль, а потом переименовали в Дуг. Я думала, что это новый хозяин переименовал. Но вот вчера на соо милый динозаврик рассказал как раз о старых комментариях о переименовывания Дженсеном этой яхты. И принесли, как на урбан дикшнари определяется имя Дуг. Можно тихонько похихикать (кто не верит) или поумиляться (кто верит)

Классический "соседский парень", которого все любят, с кем легко иметь дело. У него есть все. Он милый, талантливый, вежливый, популярный и добрый. Этот тот типаж, которому ты всегда доверяешь, все рассказываешь. Все в него влюбляются и все хотят с ним дружить.
Кажется, что все всегда у него получается, но на самом деле, он часто несчастен, весь в самоедстве/самокопании, но всегда это скрывает. Т.к. он хороший лжец, часто становится политиком или актером.
Иногда бывает сложное детство.
Он стремится найти любовь, но часто находит ее не там. Может влюбиться в лучшего друша и провести с ним всю жизнь.
Безусловно, у него доброе сердце, чистые намеренья, мужество, чтобы добиться своего.

Пример использования: Парень на билборде красивый, яркий, беззаботный. Это далеко от правды. Он Дуг: молодой, напуганный, ищущий ответы.

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продажа яхты

Яхту Дженсена уже продали еще раз


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